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Giraffe Hand Pipe (Seconds)

Giraffe Hand Pipe (Seconds)

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The Giraffe Hand Pipe by Art of Smoke is a charming and whimsical piece designed like a friendly giraffe. The pipe is made of ceramic material and measures 5.5-inch tall and 3 inches wide. It features a deep and roomy bowl on the giraffe's back, a mouthpiece on the animal's mouth, and a carb hole on the right side for controlling airflow. 

Whether you're smitten with giraffes or a die-hard animal lover who likes to smoke, this unique pipe is a great pick! It's sure to be the topic of conversation at parties or group seshes and it's definitely a pipe that deserves a spot front and center in your collection!

The Art of Smoke Giraffe Pipe comes with a matching drawstring storage bag that's perfect for travel. 

Since each pipe is hand finished there are bound to be a few that don't pass our inspection. These cosmetic imperfections do not interfere with the functionality of the piece in any way. (Regularly $60)

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