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Pot Head Pipe (Seconds)

Pot Head Pipe (Seconds)

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The 4-inch long Pot Head Pipe by Art of Smoke is a cute little fella made of an off-white ceramic material. It features a carefree figure with a herb bowl for a head. 

To use this hand pipe, fill the deep and roomy bowl with ground herbs and light up. Then take your draw from the mouthpiece that’s cleverly located on the end of the extended foot. You can use the carb hole on the side of the pipe to control the intensity and size of your hits. The bottom of the Pot Head Pipe is flattened so it won’t tip over when placed on a tabletop between hits.

This fun handcrafted hand pipe comes with a carry bag featuring a cannabis themed design. When you rest the pipe on the bag, it appears as though the little figure is kickin’ back and enjoying the greenery. Also included is a matching portable Pot Head rolling tray. 

Since each pipe is hand finished there are bound to be a few that don't pass our inspection. These cosmetic imperfections do not interfere with the functionality of the piece in any way. (Regularly $40)

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