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Holidaze Bundle

Holidaze Bundle

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The 12 days of BLAZE!!! This ultimate Holidaze Bundle is for that special stoner in your life. 12 essential pieces for the high life, including:

  1. Ombré Bubbler
  2. Pot Head Beanie
  3. Smell and Waterproof Joint Holder 
  4. Clipper Lighter 
  5. Carbon Lined Odor Proof Travel Bag 
  6. Hemp Wick
  7. Silicone Double Joint Holder
  8. Silicone Ashtray
  9. King Palm Watermelon Wave Cones
  10. Janey’s Mystic Eye Cones (6 Pack)
  11. Haus of Karen 4:20 Time Rolling Papers 
  12. Glass & Metal One-Hitter


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