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Mushroom Stashtray

Mushroom Stashtray

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You've seen ashtrays and you've seen stash jars and probably lots of them. But have you ever seen a stashtray? Now you have! This 4-inch tall 2-in-1 ashtray/stash jar is a smart way to stay organized and in a very cool way! 

Constructed of polyresin material, the Mushroom Stashtray features a 5.5" wide and 6.5" long ashtray designed like a beautiful green grass meadow and a built-in stash jar in the shape of a mushroom that's 4-inches tall. 

You can keep your stash in the mushroom stash jar until it's time to roll a J. After twisting one up and lighting the end, you can tap your spent ash in the green ashtray that has cigarette rests built right in! 

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