How It Works

At SensiBox we offer two levels of subscriptions – The SensiBox Original ($39.99) and The SensiLight ($24.99). This is an ongoing subscription that you can cancel at anytime.

You can also opt to get a one-time SensiBox for $44.99 for the Original and $29.99 for the SensiLight.

SensiBox wants to be your personal shopper bringing you unique and quality, hand-curated essentials each month. No need to go out and shop, only out to your mailbox... making it discreet and easy! 

The SensiBox Original is usually based on a theme and carries 6-8 items every month, including our very own "Art of Smoke" StonerWare, smoking essentials, gear, hemp made products & more. 

The SensiLight carries 5 items every month, including essentials and a smoking piece (not the featured Art of Smoke piece. 


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