SensiBox + BPD

Hello! I am Jae, also known as @itsrainingbpd. I am navigating Borderline Personality Disorder with healing through medical marijuana. I am a proud advocate and user of medical marijuana, and have experienced firsthand the transformative benefits it offers for managing my symptoms and enhancing my overall well-being. This SensiBox is not just about delivering top-quality cannabis products; it's a whimsical journey through self-recovery, self-soothing and healing. I believe in the transformative power of cannabis as a tool for enhancing my quality of life, offering relief from symptoms associated with BPD. A true mission of mine is to provide a curated experience tailored to the unique needs of my fellow BPD Buddies, fostering self-awareness, balance, and well-being. Perfect for the stoners who prioritize their mental health as each box is a playful reminder to nurture ourselves with kindness and compassion. So much love! xoxo - Jae.
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