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Art of Smoke Alpaca Bubbler

Art of Smoke Alpaca Bubbler

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This cute alpaca will 'pack' a big punch when enjoying your favorite flower strains. This hand-held bubbler by Art of Smoke is a ceramic piece that's just as functional as it is adorable! 

The Alpaca Bubbler stands just over 5 inches tall and is 3.5 inches long. It's equipped with a 14.5mm female joint and comes with a matching removable diffused downstem that's held in place by an included silicone grommet. Also included is a handled 14.5mm male funnel bowl.

Using this bubbler is fun and easy. Just add a bit of water to the piece, pack the bowl on the alpaca's back with ground herbs, torch it up, and take a hit from the mouthpiece that's situated on the alpaca's snout. This little bubbler hits surprisingly smooth and it's as portable as it can be!

The Alpaca Bubbler is available in a matte black color and comes with a drawstring pouch that's perfect for travel and storage. 

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