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Clam Shell Pipe

Clam Shell Pipe

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Because a clam can produce pearls while protecting its hard shell, a clamshell represents beauty, secrecy, patience, and spiritual transition. This 3-inch long hand pipe by Art of Smokeis fashioned after a clamshell — just like the kind you'd find in a coral reef or lying on a beach. 

You can travel to new heights when you smoke your favorite flower strains using the beautiful Clamshell Pipe. This all-ceramic pipe is meticulously handcrafted in the USA. It has a deep herb bowl on the top, a mouthpiece on the front, and a carb hole on the right side for controlling airflow.

Like all the pieces from Art of Smoke, the Clamshell comes with a (beach)themed drawstring pouch to protect the pipe during travel. 

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