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Minty Bong

Minty Bong

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Art of Smoke’s Minty bong is made from handblown, borosilicate glass. Its clear base provides a front row seat to watching your smoke bubble and brew in the chamber, while the opaque, minty tube offers a pop of color and a bit of personality.

A modest 6.5”/16.51cm in height, this adorable bong is easy to travel with, can be stored away painlessly or be delightfully displayed without skipping a beat. The wide, beaker base allows you to use a large amount of water and the 18-14mm diffused downstem breaks up the smoke and creates a smoother hit. Perfectly fitting into the 2.5”/6.25cm length downstem is the 14mm male funnel bowl, which gives you room to pack a decent amount of flower. The clear bowl’s handle makes it easier to remove and prevents it from rolling when placed down.

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