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Owl Pipe (Seconds)

Owl Pipe (Seconds)

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If you enjoy packing hearty bowls when partaking in your favorite activity, this beautiful pipe is a wise choice to make.

There's a deep and roomy herb bowl on the top of the owl's head and a mouthpiece cleverly built into the end of the tail. There's a carb hole built into the right side of the pipe that allows you to control the size and intensity of your rips. This handheld pipe with the owl design will inspire you to get outdoors and enjoy the wonders of nature. 

Your friends will hoot with jealousy when you show them this pipe and they'll wish they had one of their own when they use it to enjoy a nice smooth rip.

Since each pipe is hand finished there are bound to be a few that don't pass our inspection. These cosmetic imperfections do not interfere with the functionality of the piece in any way.


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