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Spirit Bear Hand Pipe (Seconds)

Spirit Bear Hand Pipe (Seconds)

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The bear is a powerful and fearless animal that's fascinated man since the beginning of time. On a spiritual level, the bear represents bravery, patience, fearlessness, and protection. Now you get in touch with your wild and independent side with this awesome handpipe by Art of Smoke

The Spirit Bear Hand Pipe is handcrafted from ceramic material and features a bear standing on the stem with its back to the deep and roomy bowl. The mouthpiece is cleverly located under the bear's snout. There's also a carb hole on the right side of the pipe for controlling the size and intensity of your hits.

This awesome nature-inspired pipe stands firmly on any flat surface thanks to its flattened bottom so there's no wobbling or tipping over when you're reloading the bowl.

The pipe is 4 inches long and 3 inches at its tallest, making it perfectly portable. The Spirit Bear will never fail to lift your spirits nor impress your friends! This handcrafted ceramic pipe comes with a matching drawstring bag for safekeeping and travel.

Since each pipe is hand finished there are bound to be a few that don't pass our inspection. These cosmetic imperfections do not interfere with the functionality of the piece in any way.


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