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Turtle Hand Pipe Bundle

Turtle Hand Pipe Bundle

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***BONUS*** Turtle Hand Pipe with Silicone Ashtray/Debowler

This charming Turtle Hand Pipe is a part of Art of Smoke's artist-designed stonerware collection that's handcrafted from ceramic. This nature-inspired pipe shaped like a friendly little turtle features a herb bowl on the turtle's back and a mouthpiece at the end of the nose. There's a small carb hole on the pipe's left side for controlling airflow. 

The 5-inch long pipe has a glossy finish that beautifully showcases the turtle's turquoise and brownish-gold mottled coloring. When you're not using this gorgeous pipe to enjoy your favorite herbal strains, you'll want to set it out on display for you and others to admire. 

Since each pipe is handcrafted, no two are exactly alike. The pipe you get may vary slightly from what's pictured. The Turtle comes with a matching carrying case to protect it during travel.

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